TapTab Controller is
a modular control surface
for Flash and Air applications
available for
iOS and Android devices.


All smartphones and tablets become game controllers

The application allows to remote control and receive feedback from software that implement the TapTab protocol. Your smartphone or your tablet becomes a game joypad, or any other kind of controller, that specially custom itself for the application to which it connects.

Several customizable touch controls
in an easy to learn XML syntax
100% free without restrictions!

  • analogic stick, or 4/8 directions stick
  • buttons (round or square)
  • multitouch gesture pad

And also

  • accelerometer
  • vibrations
  • sounds
  • and more to come!

Custom and multiple layouts

TapTab Controller allows developpers to customize their TapTab layouts

  • background images
  • shapes colors and alpha
  • labels (several fonts available)
  • custom variables (display the player score on his controller for example)

You can create several layouts that you’ll be able to display when you want.

Multi-player games on a single screen

With TapTab Controller you can now easily create multi-player games and apps that manage several TapTab controllers.

Adapt your old game easily

With the ControlsToKeyboardMapper class, you can simulate keyboard events when your app receives controls changes. It just needs a simple configuration.